Wednesday, September 13

No do overs

In July, we were here a year. After three moves in a foreign country in different cities in just a year, we are beginning to feel settled. It's strange now, because language school seems many, many moons ago. A totally different world. The Spanish is functional now but a long ways from smooth. It's hard to move forward with it since our work environment is in English. All our outside activities involve Spanish though, that's for sure.

The move to Madrid area in February took a lot more adjusting than I expected. I figured it would just be a matter of unpacking, but we had to learn new stores, new roads, new schedules, new work world. I think now after seven months here, I can begin to feel that this is home. I'm developing an affection for our new city and learning my way around. Again, a long ways to go still.

While this has been one of the most challenging years we've experienced, we both have a certainty that this is where we are suppose to be. It's the right time and the right place. While it is good to feel that way, I don't think I'd do this year over if I was offered the chance. Too many mountains to climb. I'll just wait for the mountains that next year will bring.

Tuesday, September 12

Paper weights

I thought paper weights were sort of goofy. You know at Christmas you see them in catalogs. Who's going to be excited about getting a big chunk of glass to sit around? I mean some of them are interesting to look at, but it's just something that sits there...until now.

Because we live and work in an environment with the windows wide open, I have come to appreciate heavy objects which can keep my papers from blowing all over the place. I never realized the practical applications paper weights could have. I suppose it comes from not having to live with the windows wide open in the office before now. On days the wind picks up, I'm scrambling for books and glasses and whatever to hold my stuff in place. Today I used a book, an actual paper weight, a pen made from silverware, a scotch tape dispenser, and a thick file folder.

I tend to work in stacks: these are done, these I'm working on, these need to go to a coworker, etc. Also at home I keep to-do things on the desk, like papers from ATMs that remind me to check the online banking. So I need lots of paperweights for summer. What an odd discovery, but please, no paperweights as gifts. I'll make do.