Wednesday, April 15

Wow, Easter was different this year!

Churches around the world were empty, BUT the church is very much alive! Media has become THE tool of communicating this message of love and hope to so many who are searching during this global crisis.

So, we are deep into post-production for The Heritage Project stories. We are so glad you continue to stand with us in this, so we continue to move forward to put Jesus’ stories on Every Screen even during quarantine! The urgency to release these stories has never been greater. 

I made this quick video on my phone earlier this winter, as I’m sure you can tell. I saw people worshipping saints at coffins in an orthodox catacomb. I could see how important it is to recognize the power of the resurrection! We recognize that our object of worship is to be Christ and he is not in a tomb!

Seeing this worship by glass coffins, made me think about Anthony. He is one of our legacy stories in The Heritage Project Season 2. He knew that we had to be intentional to follow God. Many people followed him into the desert in his devotion and dedication. Later, this would become the idea of monasteries. Anthony was acutely aware of the human tendency to worship something instead of God. He lived to a very old age and didn’t want his body to become revered. But where he spent his ending days has become a shrine in Egypt. We’ve made an effort in The Heritage Project to tell about the real man, without legends or myths, so people today will understand the importance for each of us to follow Christ – Christ alone.

“If we make every effort to avoid death of the body, still more should it be our endeavor to avoid death of the soul.” Anthony of Egypt.