Tuesday, September 13

Making New Things Old

These days I’m inhaling a lot of sawdust and epoxy fumes. Not on purpose. I’ve been working in the IMM shop, sawing, drilling, grinding, sanding, painting, gluing and praying. Praying that the props being created for The Heritage Project will do the rich stories of early Christian history justice.
The Heritage Project is a video docudrama series about the early Christian Church in North Africa, its great Christian leaders and teachers, and its martyrs under the Romans and the Vandals. A vibrant North African church, both men and women, were prepared to die rather than renounce their faith and had a profound influence that extends to us today.
I have an extensive list that includes Roman altars, incense burners used in the Imperial Cult, a gallows for the arena, bookcases for scrolls, Vandal shields, Optio staffs, and Lictor Fasce (I had to look them up myself). As a result, I pour over internet sites from museums of ancient history and spend hours searching through aisles of hardware, adhesives, wood, paint and even plumbing, looking for the right pieces to deconstruct and repurpose. 
Soon, The Heritage Project will be in front of the cameras, so that all can see how Christ’s story is being proven true through the lives of Christians across the ages. The stories will be targeted to the areas of the world where they occurred. Pray for wisdom and creativity as the entire team moves ahead with this historic collaboration.
BTW, did you know that old scrolls can be made from hardened linen window shades?

by Kerry

International Media Monastary?

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript containing the four Gospels. This shimmering work of art was created in an Irish monastery during the 8th century in a time known as the Dark Ages. The Roman Empire had already fallen and Barbarians fought one another and raided across Europe. That this book should survive and project its wonder to us today is somewhat stunning, and yet, the Word never returns void.

Further South in Spain, the arrival of the Muslims signaled the Apocalypse to a learned Spanish Monk who vividly illustrated the Book of Revelation. The golds, reds, and warm flames within the Beatus are no less stunning than the illuminated manuscript in Ireland. Both were created in order to pass along the Light of God’s hope and love to a world which, in their creators’ minds, was about to be buried in further persecution and confusing darkness.
Thomas Cahill, author of “How the Irish Saved Civilization” argues that “these holy men single-handedly refounded European civilization throughout the (European) continent." If you have had the chance to gaze at either of these manuscripts, one cannot help but notice the passion, precision and devotion that went into these two priceless works.
Here at International Media Ministries, dedicated workers who value the Word of God labor with the same passion, precision and devotion, illuminating the boundless love of Christ for the world to see.
It can be argued that our world is once again about to be buried under broken systems, broken religions and warfare. Will this be the end that signals a new beginning? Perhaps. Regardless, laborers at IMM who generate pixels with electricity instead of brushing ink on animals skins, will continue to strive as our early Christian brothers and sisters in order to shine the Light into the darkness.