Sunday, July 13

Questions from a parish preist

Recently, I tried to connect with the priest in a little town near the IMM offices. We were told by the city hall that we had to talk to him because we wanted to shoot a scene alongside the church in a little plaza.

The scene is for a documentary that we are helping with that answers the idea that Easter is all a myth. This documentary is being created for the UK and other English parts of the world.

It took me several attempts of stopping by the offices of the church -- which are attached to city hall. A shock for this little American girl who is not accustomed to religion and politics being that close of bedfellows.

I met up with the priest and nervously explained the project. He said he thought it would be okay since we are not doing something anti-church. I kept explaining how we are doing programs of basic Christian stories not promoting any one church or doctrine. He said he had to call the Bishop of the region and ask permission.

He sent the Bishop a text to call and then said, "Can we discuss something on a personal level?" I, of course, agreed, but thought, Uh, oh, Lord you better help me.

He wanted to know my opinion of demon possession and proceeded to tell me several stories of it being on the rise in this tiny community. He played me a recording from one of his mass services where someone was lashing out in demon possession. Yikes! Not a light topic especially for my Spanish.

I'm no theologian and all I could do was keep pointing back to Jesus and what he did in the New Testament. It was of course a more complicated conversation than that, but what a humbling moment that perhaps the least qualified missionary to speak on such a topic should be the one sharing with this clearly hurting priest.

I promised him I would bring back a DVD of our Parables of Jesus and some of our New Testament stories. Pray for people in a sleepy village in Spain to be set free. Pray for a priest to find Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a new way that can help him minister to people. Pray for us to have words to say!