Thursday, February 20

Divine serendipity

We've watched God bringing things together for En Apatia, (In Apathy) the movie project we started last year.

We were offered three different contracts for distribution. We were told by the local producers' association that this was a "miracle" because no one, especially a new director on a first film, gets even one distribution opportunity much less three.

We asked God to confirm to us which company we should join forces with to distribute the film. Without our instigating it, a cinema contact called to chat and happened to ask us about our options and when the film was coming. He could speak positively of two companies. Another appointment on a different matter led to a recommendation for one of the companies. After several of these divine serendipitous events, we knew God had given us the confirmation we asked for.

We have a scheduled showing for pastors who we want to help us promote the film. This convention showing would be an opportunity to get them to understand how to use the film as an evangelism tool and to work with us. The theater for the showing went into bankruptcy and the convention only had a couple hours available for our showing. No time to go elsewhere. We scrambled to find alternatives. The next day the hotel manager called and said don't worry, the woman who is working there is on vacation. They had it all covered. The showing will go forward on March 1 as scheduled.

One of the actresses' agents called and offered support to do promotions in the Barcelona area. We explained about our limited budget and he said don't worry. He just wants to promote it for his client's sake.

We have had some amazing donations to the campaign to raise the funds for this distribution. $9,200 has come in but we have a long ways to go in a short time. It's a faith journey, but the entire process of En Apatia has been a faith journey. God keeps showing up in ways we don't expect. He will be there for the funding too. Check it out here.

It will be so exciting to see how God continues to use this in Spain and in Europe as it releases in May to a secular audience. We are praying for lives to be changed and we are excited to see God's amazing "coincidences" continue as we move forward.