Friday, October 25

Acting director!?

This year has not been without its challenges, but at the same time it has been a spectacular exhibition of God's power. The IMM team is spread out across four or five time zones. Most of the year, we've had only five of us in the Madrid office and yet -- exciting things are happening. It's a great demonstration of God's power being shown in weakness.
We have had the transition of team members leaving both those who completed their terms and then the resignation of our fearless leader Jerry Gibson.

Then there have been the projects. Spots for the Arab world being shot in the Denver office with interns from other states and a guest visit from an IMM missionary waiting for a visa to come work in the Madrid office. En Apatia (Apathy: a legacy of hate) movie being shot in about five weeks with volunteers from all around Madrid and a few paid positions too or it wouldn't have been possible. Amazing stuff when you consider our personnel challenges. The film has received honorable mention at a film festival which we're hoping launches a means of distribution to secular audiences.

IMM's future is bright and we are so privileged to be here at this moment in time. I have been asked to be Acting Director as we move forward. It is an honor to be trusted with steering for this moment, but it's really about the same thing it has always been for me. It's about seeing the Gospel get out via media, hearts touched, lives changed. If the best way I can do that at the moment is to help us keep moving forward as a group, then that's the best use of my time and energies. I've been amazed how God prepares us when we don't even know what the future holds. Managing the Women of the Bible budgets and crew has been great training for keeping the office moving as a whole.

We just welcomed three short term but much needed personnel in the Madrid offices. We are going to have meetings to plan projects for next year and there are no shortage of requests for our help. I send emails out to various broadcast outlets daily.  IMM has always been a servant ministry for broadcasters and for training other storytellers. We are just being faithful to what God puts before us and He is doing amazing things.

Denise Godwin