Thursday, May 24

Media Conference Success

God helped us and the dream of Connect2012 became a reality in April. This media conference was about networking and growing in the effective use of communication tools for one purpose, to see Christ proclaimed and people's lives changed. The IMM team worked so hard behind the scenes to make so much happen. It was amazing team work.

 We had three objectives for participants at Connect2012. We wanted people to leave with new resources for communicating with their culture in a digital world. It was our desire they would make some new friends with whom they could partner for ministry purposes and we hoped to leave them with new ideas of how they could better use media tools to fulfill the mission God has given them. 

Seventeen nations (!) were represented in the conference and 21 organizations with more than half not having denominational ties to our AG mission. Thanks for your prayers and support as we tell the story that changes lives and multiply the storytellers! Materials and resources from the workshops and sessions are being put up for download. I think it's almost all there now, maybe a few more audio recordings of sessions. Here. Pictures from Connect have been posted on the IMM Facebook page.

Kerry was helping with audio and transportation and Denise did a good share of transportation too as well as teaching a seminar. It was a busy time but we saw some great connections made with our media work as well as among others. IMM also honored Kerry and I for the years of service from our Associate days as well as the missionary years here in Spain.