Saturday, December 3

Not Home for Christmas

started decorating for Christmas today. Took my time and enjoyed the part I did instead of making it into a marathon that I'm eventually tired of and just want to be over. I was digging in my giant red and green Rubbermaid bin and asked myself the question, "Why?"

I thought of some people I'd like to have come over in a couple weeks. So one answer is I want it to be all Christmas-y and cozy. I probably deep down in my heart want someone to say, "Oh this is nice." But is this why?

I'm looking harder at Christmas as a way of easing my angst over not being home for Christmas. When we do go, it's action and stress packed, so one good thing is a more leisurely Christmas this year.

Madrid has lots of light displays in shopping districts and some kind of nativity scene tour, so there are some delightful things I'm looking forward to in Spain. So none of my reflection is really negative but it is a different year this time. I want to find ways to embrace what it will be and not give too much attention to what I'm missing to the point of not enjoying what I've got.

In my unpacking of Christmas memories in the form of cards, ornaments, and garland, I realized too there's the God side of the season. It's easy to get caught up in the commercial side, decorating, shopping and forget the reason we do it all is that we are precious to God and he sent Christ as a way of showing us.