Monday, August 28

Our new friend

We got a new dog from the Spanish Doggy Prison. There was quite a variety of dogs there. I picked the one that seemed most out of place in prison, was the youngest, and had a healthy innocence. I also opted for a female. Dulcinea fit the profile.

"Dulcinea" is a name borrowed from Don Quixote. The author of Don Quixote, Cervantes, lived in our town here 500 years ago. The name translates as "sweetness" it works with her doggy prison name "Trufa" which means chocolate truffle. HA! I like her paw coloring. I was also drawn to her hair. It is not "fur" because it feels like an old black wig that was found under an old box, or perhaps a sorority girl's "poof-doo" after too much hairspray. Endearing - what can I say?

She is a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing her and playing with her in the back yard. Plainly speaking, I need a little creature to hug and harrass. Dulcinea also growls at strangers that come to the door. Even if they are Romanian kidnappers!