Wednesday, February 1

Catching up

Time has past so quickly. Language school is done. We now hablo the espanol and can make ourselves understood even if all the words aren't in the right order or perhaps not the right tense of verb. It has been rewarding, challenging and stretching to exercise our brains so intensely in such a short time.

The ministry center where we went to school is awakening with new life. It was very quiet when the caretakers were gone dealing with things in New Orleans, their home, and only 3 or 4 of us were around the ministry center. Now, a big group of students (missionaries) have arrived for language school, a series of monastery-type retreats are planned for the Spring, and a team laid a new tile floor in what will be an auxiliary classroom for doing DVDs, computer work, and other workstations. We cheered them on even as it was time for us to go.

Amazing what you can accumulate in just six months. Our Speed-the-Light car was loaded to the gills and even some luggage was on top as we drove to Madrid last weekend.(Can you say Beverly Hillbillies?) We are finally here after the years of itineration, and the months of study, we are ready for the work that God has called us to at International Media Ministries.

The offices here are abuzz with completing music videos in Urdu (spoken in Pakistan) for a Spring/Easter broadcast, and planning for a very large shoot in June for the Parables of Jesus which will occur in Holland. This is a companion piece to The People Who Met Jesus series that we had worked on previously and that we showed you in services where we shared. It's exciting to see so much happening.

This week we are trying to wade through some more bureaucratic processes to get the keys to half of a duplex where we plan to live. The moving and unpacking and adjusting to a new work environment and city lie ahead. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers. We wouldn't be here without you.