Tuesday, July 28

hiding in Plain Sight

 Are you reading this on a phone? Or a tablet? I think it is remarkable that today the Bible, videos, testimonies, and messages of the Gospel are at our fingertips – literally – on screens in our pockets. 

In the last few months, as we’ve had to do so much interaction on screens for meetings, for church, even for socializing, I can’t help but think about the closed places in the world. Going to church is not an option in many parts of the world. I’ve heard tales of many restricted countries where people are meeting and getting discipleship via media platforms. That makes my heart happy that they get community and they get nourished. With the restrictions of the last few months, we’ve had a taste of that – without the persecution our brothers and sisters in Asia, the Sudan or Iran may be experiencing.

In these days of phones in pockets, I love the idea that in spite of all the government restrictions people live under they may be reading the Bible or watching a discipleship video while sitting in the middle of a crowded cafe by looking at their device. The Gospel is hiding in plain sight! 

We are working on a new and even smaller HopeBox device to be in pockets of workers in these closed places to share Gospel message content onto more screens in more ways and in more languages. These will be hiding - yes - in plain sight!


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