Thursday, March 5

Reflections on Religious Practice

 I did this video and thought I'd share it here too.

It was one of those moments where it just hit me how important it is to be following Christ and not just religious practices. People were singing at glass coffins of Orthodox saints. As someone who grew up without formal traditions, I found this disturbing. I truly thought I was going to visit a historic site. I was so surprised to find that it was an active religious site and even more that people worship by coffins. The interesting thing is we as humans gravitate to certain lists that we want to check off to say, yes, I did my religious duty and I"m okay now. Christ calls us to a much different kind of "practice" - giving up self, taking up the cross and following him. This gets real when we have to love our neighbor as ourself, right?! Hope you are able to dig deep into what God's hope means to your day in and day out existence.


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