Friday, June 22

IMM Forever

The phrase “IMM Forever” began as a reminder to tell out-going staff that once they served here at IMM, they were always part of the IMM team. We still use the phrase when we say goodbye on the steps or at the airport gates. I’ve even heard rumors of mandatory IMM tattoos being part of the on-boarding process. In short, alumni will always be a valued component of what makes IMM tick.

However, I was musing on the phrase and realized that the meaning is much deeper than a loyalty motto. Our media missions endeavor that reaches out from this small, but potent, production house, reaches out into eternity.

I worked many jobs that used my creative skills to assist in the here and now. I edited cosmetic surgery videos, built infinity pool ads for glossy magazines, and even wrote a few feature stories for small circulation weekly newspapers. But when I began hearing and responded to the call, I realized that God wanted me to use these gifts for an eternal purpose. This has always been the passion of IMM, broadcasting the Gospel and bringing the people whom God created into eternity with Him.

There are quite a few days when I want to just make it to the end of the week. Busy schedules, roadblocks, logistical problems and cultural challenges that seem to have the mark of spiritual warfare upon them; many daily expectations not meeting my list of demands; this is the daily grind. But we must remember, the support invested in this passion and the work that leaves our hands will stretch into next year, and the next. It will stretch far beyond this broken epoch and reach into eternity. IMM forever!


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