Saturday, October 28


At church yesterday, our pastor referred to Philippians 2:12 where -- in English -- it says, "work out your salvation with fear and trembling." What struck me was that in Spanish, it said, "Occupy - all of you (plural) your salvation with fear and trembling." All believers occupy your salvation. The Spanish Bible was translated prior to the King James version and often gives me great food for thought. 
This idea of occupying made me think of a fortress that has to be occupied and defended from attack. It requires the group to do it -- actively. Occupy! Don't let this ground be taken away from you. Don't let this place of salvation get away from you. Don't wander off. Occupy this place.
We spent two days last week in a medieval prison portraying Christians arrested for their faith. It had a very fortress-like feeling though it was not that big. 
The Heritage Project like many IMM projects goes behind closed lines. We send the good news places where missionaries and the Gospel message are not welcome. With our broadcast partners and internet associates, we set up advanced parties - fortresses of believers behind enemy lines. We tell about a God who is with your no matter what kind of persecution you face. That you overcome if you live and you overcome in Christ if you die, as well! To live is Christ to die is gain! Wow! 
We are in the middle of 20 shooting days that spread out over 8 weeks. We are occupying this project with fear and trembling. Will we remember all the details? Will the budget make it as far as it needs to with the unexpected things that occur? We will hold the line here as you back us up in prayer. 
Let us occupy our salvation - that no one can snatch it from us. We will make foraging parties outside to bring more people into the safety, the security, and salvation of God's kingdom. 
We cannot do it without you! Occupy this sacred place with us!


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