Thursday, May 25

Final Prep

I'm excited. We will debut the story of Bathsheba, a life revived this Sunday for the actors here in Madrid. We enjoy setting up a day of celebration and presenting the story to them and their friends and families. 
While they have participated, they haven't seen the bird's eye view of the entire story. They haven't seen it on the screen. 
We have shot the Line of Christ series from Women of the Bible on a chromakey screen. That means the actors are in a green room with a few props. So they don't actually know what it will look like.
We're still doing exports! We're still working on the audio mix. It's a lot of gigs — pray the equipment hangs in there. The atmosphere is bubbling around here.
It's beautiful. The team has done a great job. I'm so proud to work with them. I love seeing how one idea becomes richer as we all give creativity into it. 
Pray with us as we present the story this weekend. Some people who come won't be believers. We want them to discover much more than a beautiful historical story. Pray they see a living God who can redeem broken lives.


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