Saturday, June 18

Is your calibration on track?

Jesus is coming to calibrate our monitors. No, really! It sounds funny. But many people in Spain have Jesus as a first name. But saying it out loud tickled me, but then I started thinking about this summer.

We are having the company that "Jesus" works for come to calibrate the monitors so we can see what we are doing clearly -- so the colors are true and accurate.

I hope that's what Jesus our Lord and Savior is doing in my soul too. Calibrating the way I look at life and others. Calibrating how we tell His stories to be most useful to other cultures. Teaching us how to be and what color tone to use!

This summer we are also expecting several people to come to help in our production shoot. We want them to leave calibrated not just to a learning experience but to what Jesus can do to change lives through media!

We will also be spending time with actors and some volunteers who don't know the true life changer, Jesus Christ. They have not seen him in "living color" that makes life totally different.
Pray with us as we join with inspiring people to use media as an evangelism tool, as we show people how to do media with the best quality inside a budget, and as we try to reflect the truth of Jesus Christ into more lives. All of this while capturing a story with the camera that will take Jesus the Savior onto more screens, into more countries, and into more hearts!!


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