Wednesday, February 17

People are searching

I heard a statistic that in any resistant culture there are 2.5% who are seeking religious change at any given time. Media is the way into that 2.5% of Europe, Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East!

We have access to closed nations where they say there are no Christians and they are not culturally or politically allowed to convert. We also have Europe which has “moved on” from its Christian roots to have only 3% professing followers of Jesus.
I heard the sad story of a woman in a refugee camp who committed suicide. She saw no hope for the future. We want to make sure that doesn't happen. People need to know there is hope. There is something different full of grace and hope.

When there is no church, when you have limited access, when you are told your search is wrong, where do you go? When you are desperate for something different, what then? It's an idea that I've thought about a lot.

As believers we are SALT and LIGHT. We offer HOPE because we actually have access to something worthy of hope, something that will not fail with the passing of time and seasons.
I’m so excited that we partner with various organizations in putting together culturally appropriate media spots that open the discussion of Jesus and begin working in hard, unreached places through internet evangelism.

One partner gave us access to a unit “Love Never Fails: Women at Risk Dealing With Abuse, Bereavement And Stress.” This is going into the HopeBox, reaching desperate places for desperate hearts and giving them an opportunity to grasp the Hope of Jesus on their phone screens
along with other things we've been creating over recent years.


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