Thursday, May 5

Day 2 Term 2 House Hunters International

Didn't sleep well from jetlag last night which made the morning's news harder to take in. The house we had arranged to live in, the same one from our last 4 years in Spain, is gone. Well, not gone. Unavailable to us.

Our former landlord had emailed IMM a few weeks ago offering us the house again for a much reduced price. Silvia our legal representative for all things in Spain and an extrordinarily hard worker, negotiated the price even lower. It was all so easy. We wouldn't have to imagine where things went or if they would fit. Just slip everything back in place and ba-da-boom we are back in business. We were to give him the deposit money this afternoon.

This morning Senor Landlord called Silvia and said he and his wife have been fighting with his mother in law who lives with them and is aged and needs nursing care. So they are going to move into the rental house and let mama have the apartment.

So we spent a few hours looking at housing options online and made a couple appointments to view houses/duplexes/townhomes. I'm not really worried. With the economic crisis in Spain, the area near the offices of IMM has decreased in price and it will work out fine. It's the oddity of going from a done deal that did not require thought to suddenly having to figure out what you want, need, can afford, what's practical and how far away should we go before it's impractical.

House one, strike one.

No pressure but we are having that training event in about 15 days and the bed we are sleeping in now is needed for others coming in for the event! It will all work out. It's a good example of the need for flexibility when living in a foreign environment.