Thursday, May 21

Go Borderless

At IMM, we invited students to come participate in a week of media training, creating videos, and exploring the idea of media missions. We invited them to Go Borderless - as media knows no boundaries in reaching the world. It can go where we cannot.

Much to our surprise and not our own planning, we've ended up with people from 5 countries. God has moved and shown us the desire and need for young people to engage the world using media and their desire to be part of the Kingdom of God.

It's very exciting to see the enthusiasm and intensity of our visitors. We can learn from one another and expand the reach of God's love with media.

We will shoot a scene for the book of Mark which is part of our current project of the Four Gospels. We will shoot a Spanish version of The Path of Jesus and of course try to share the media knowledge we have in house here at IMM.

Pray for us to be clear communicators and to sustain our energy for a really full and busy week. Pray that God speaks to our Go Borderless attendees about what He wants to do with them.