Thursday, July 5

Surviving the battle

What I am learning... I'm tired. It's like putting up with 97 percent torture for 3 percent of pure gold that will go beyond anything I could create without God's help. It's funny. I remember a lot about the Army. Drill sergeants who were younger than I am now used to say things like "if you want to protect your buddy - sometimes you're gonna' pay." Wisdom. I think in this world that we have raised the bar for normal life. If it doesn't work we start looking for the coping skills to make it work...
Let's see: Maybe I can change the circumstances, but probably not... just do your best and survive. Your mission depends upon your survival.
Why do we think that Spiritual Warfare is any different? Sure, we can point at some teenager wearing a pentegram necklace and think that somehow reflects the world of spiritual warfare. I don't think so. That teenager may be hovering around our base camp but he's far away from No Man's Land. Many times a spiritual attack may feel like a sledgehammer blow from a comrade on our right. Whoa - that's not fair! Ha.
I also think it is dangerous to think that warfare does not involve sacrifice. What do you say to a missionary who retires with nothing but cancer and a few weeks to live? Not much. You just look to the fight and keep going. Run the Race! Wow, I'm borrowing Paul's words so I think I'm done for today.
Real life is hard for all of us, and I think of you when you are down and I am up. Pray for me when I am down and you think of it! That's part of how we fight this battle.